Make a Paper Jack in the box


This is a tutorial on how to make a paper jack in the box. It is all paper including the spring that bounces the jack up. Nice little paper project for Halloween.

I have a complete download package that you can print up for this project right here:Jack in the Box

There is also a video tutorial that shows all of this at the bottom of this page.





jack in the boxes


Ok! Let's get started. Print up the packet.If you have colored card stock or index paper then use that in the printer. It is a little thicker than regular paper and it works really good for this project.

Cut out the shapes for the boxes like you can see here.








The six dots on the boxNow lay out the box like this. Kind of looks like an airplane:) See the six dots on the pattern? You don't have these dots on your paper but put them on. Then fold over and glue those six flaps. This makes a strong rim around the box and the lid.






Start the foldingOkay,lets start folding up the box. It is rather easy to see how it goes. And you can use a ruler like this to help keep straight folds. And using a sharp knife you can also just scar the folds a little bit. That will help them to fold nicely and crisply.






This picture shows you the box part is folded. Now its just a matter of bringing up that last wall and folding the edges of the lid.






And the box is completed. Now we just need to add the jack!

Let's continue on with the tutorial and make the Jack








The Video tutorial showing how to make this jack in the box.







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