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The Parts of a Castle Wall

Being storm the castle dot com you figure I love castles. And it is true. I love castles! This is a tutorial about a part of them that we don't give a whole lot of thought to - the walls!

They are a fascinating and important development in the defense and security of a castle. Learn all about them right here.

Here is the video tutorial.

Here is the model wall I built for this tutorial. The arrows show the various parts of the wall.

Castle wall model



Want to build a Big Diorama of a castle? I have a series of tutorials right here:


Painting the new walls

Storm The Castle Diorama

I rebuilt a lot of the walls on the big diorama project. In this tutorial I show you how to do it and I show you some nice painting techniques for achieving the stone wall look. Storm The Castle Diorama Part 10


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