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Will's New Forging Area

I have a nice new setup for blacksmithing and I like it a lot. It even has electricity. Something like this has some distinct benefits when smithing and in this article I will point them out for you.

If you are thinking about setting up a forge you can get a few tips here.

I can't take credit for building this. But I sure am going to use it a lot!

Special thanks to John for building this structure.


I have a video for this project. I also do a little bit of forging in the video, just for fun. I create some mini swords out of double headed nails. You can watch the video here:

About the Forging Area

I gave it a try by setting up a couple of cameras and did a little bit of forging. It was fun and a few things struck me.

Being under a covered structure like this shades the work. I can see the hot steel much better and by this I can judge the temperature of the steel much better. These next three pictures give you a good look at how we can now better see the hot steel.

I was tinkering by making some miniature swords out of double headed nails.

The Forge


You can see the heat


Good color contrast when forging


Secondly I also set up the forge so I have a comfortable work triangle. I stand at the X in front of the anvil and the forge is easily at reach on my left. I don't have to twist much or turn around at all.

The standing spot at the forge


The forge and anvil


The blacksmithing area


Want to do a little forging? Here's more tutorials


a Real Sword

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Railroad spikes

Railroad spike forging - They are excellent for blacksmithing, typically medium carbon steel which means they heat easy and evenly and are easy to work with. You can get them pretty cheap too. I also have projects using them right here: Railroad spikes for blacksmithing