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How to Make a Leather Sword Sheath

This is a tutorial showing you step by step how to make a leather sheath for a sword or a knife. I use the sting sword that we made in an earlier tutorial. It is really quite easy and you just need a few basic supplies and tools. I even give you alternative tools and techniques to keep the cost down.

Thanks for coming over here from my youtube channel! Give me a day to get the tutorial completed. I will also have a parts list and links to where can buy the leather and the tools.

I have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

The sword I use for this tutorial is a steel replica of sting that I made. You can check out that blacksmithing tutorial here. Make Sting out of steel



The completed sword sheath


Parts List:


A large piece of medium thickness leather (Here is one on amazon: Leather Side Piece Veg Tan Split Medium Weight 36 X 36 Inches, 9 Square Feet


Hole punch tool


Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm - 4.5mm



Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl - This is the exact awal I bought. It comes with wax thread.



Quick Overview

First we draw out our patten on the sheet of leather. Then we cut it out! Fold it over then stitch the ends together. The sheath at that point is mostly done. Then we add a strap and do some detail work like painting and ornament.



Okay! Will Says enough of the introductory stuff. Let's Make the Sword Sheath!!!

The Video Tutorial:


Leathercrafting book

Leathercraft for Beginners: With Easy-to-Do Projects

The perfect introduction to an entertaining craft, this book features eleven practical projects, complete with photographic and illustrated directions. It also tell how to acquire material, tools, and equipment; how to design and decorate your projects; and how to dye, lace, finish, and attach snap fasteners and key plates.


Projects include:
Key cases
Coin purses
Bag tag and strap
Book and memo-pad covers
Monogram designs
Suitable for beginners of all ages, this guide offers a great way to learn a timeless craft that's fun to do and that yields one-of-a-kind items ideal for selling or gift giving.



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