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Air Bonsai

I just happened to spot a news clip about something called "Air Bonsai" and I was immediately taken. It is different and quite beautiful.... and very Japanese in it's aesthetic.

Being a big fan of bonsai I had to learn more. I dug up what I could about it.



Air bonsai is a bonsai tree that is planted in a container that levitates and spins about an inch over a base. And it just looks amazing. The creators of it have come up with something quite remarkable here and they give it a bit of a metaphor for mother earth. The floating container is spherical in shape and it represents the earth floating in space. Wonderful!

Currently because of import and export rules there is a challenge to shipping plants between the US and Japan. And this is perfectly normal. So for now you can buy the set up and add your own plant or miniature tree to it. The company is working with various distributors to have the plants grown in country so you should be able to get one soon.

But you can buy the whole setup without a plant or tree and add your own. They have various packages that start at two hundred dollars. I think it is very much worth it for something as remarkable and beautiful as this. And they have upgrades including hand made ceramic pots to go around the base. You can learn more on their kickstarter page here: Air Bonsai Kickstarter

The company that has created the Air bonsai is called Hoshinchu and as of the writing of this article they have a website with a single page. I am sure that over time they will add more to it. Check out their website right here:

WillI will keep a watch on the availability of air bonsai and will post them here as soon as they become available on Amazon. Meanwhile, if this is out of your price range or you are not sure about caring for bonsai you might want to look around and see what I have when it comes to the art of bonsai!


Levitating Air Bonsai Pot - Magnetic Levitation Suspension flower and air bonsai pot

Perfect for the home or office, this indoor levitating/floating plant pot makes the perfect succulent pot, air plant pot, or small plant decoration. With the bowl measuring 8 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm in height, the pot is small but large enough to fit most succulents and air plants as well as other small plants. The set includes the base unit, the pot, an electric adapter and a user manual for easy set up. Enjoy this unique gift today!


Here is a nice little starter kit for you to consider (Juniper makes for a good first bonsai because it is very hardy and easy to care for, does well indoors and is easy to train.

Bonsai starter

Eve's Small Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree Gift Kit, 6 Years Old, Complete Bonsai Gift Kit Includes Fertilizer, Figurine, and Clippers, Beautifully Gift Wrapped, Outdoor Bonsai



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