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Pruning some young bonsai for the first time

There are lots of lessons and tutorials on trimming bonsai that are older. But you also need to start trimming them while they are younger in order to start to encourage them into the right shape and size.


Our little trees are between three and four years old and haven't had any pruning This one is very tall with a lot of growth at the top so we are going to trim it down to keep it from growing taller and promote better growing in the branches that remain.

Clip a little above the last shoot that will be remaining on your tree. Now we wait to see how the rest will do. We also clipped off a small branch that was growing on the same side as the branch before it. This is for aesthetics. Don't be afraid to prune or worry about cutting off too muc. As long as your tree is healthy and still has leaves on it it will keep growing.


Trimming a Young Bonsai

This next picture shows the two branches that are not aesthetically good. You can see how one is right over the other. So we trim one of them right off. This gives a much better bonsai look. This is a standard bonsai trimming practice.

Where to trim


Removing the branch


exposed root bonsai

This bonsai that we trimmed in this tutorial is an exposed root bonsai. That is a particular style of bonsai.








Bonsai Pruner, Bud & Leaf Trimmer

Bonsai pruner trimmer. Mini trimming shears are perfect for bonsai, pruning houseplants, anywhere a small razor sharp pruner is needed. Only 4" long, mini shear has razor sharp stainless steel blades, cuts effortlessly using scissor action. Also very handy for the fisherman's tackle box, sewing box, etc. Shipping weight - .2 lb.



Secret techniques of Bonsai The Secret Techniques of Bonsai: A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping Bonsai

SECRET TEACHINGS is by the author of the groundbreaking BONSAI WITH AMERICAN TREES, one of the first books to unveil the secrets of the trade. This time, Masakuni Kawasumi II teams up with his son, Masakuni III, to offer not only the basics for creating perfect bonsai but secret techniques he has developed over years of careful work and observation. Masakuni III, the first qualified tree doctor for bonsai in Japan, adds his unique insights. Between them they offer over eighty years of experience.


Bonsai With American Trees Bonsai with American Trees

Adapts the basic principles and techniques of the Japanese art of dwarfing trees to soil types, weather conditions, fertilizers, and native species found in the United States.






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