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Cardboard Machines


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The constellation machine

This is a unique machine that can be made out of cardboard or foamboard. The night sky lights up and rotates. Fun and quirky project. Watch the video here.


How to make pulleys out of cardboard or foamboard

This is a neat tutorial that shows you how to easily make strong and reliable pulleys. The machine making possibilities are endless with this! How to Make pulleys out of cardboard or foamboard


How to easily change the axis of rotation

This is a clever way to change rotation on a 90 degree axis. Simple to make. In the picture you turn the hand crank at "A" and the motion is transferred to the paddlewheel at "B" which is 90 degrees different. You can't do this with pulleys. And it is much easier to do! Cardboard machine for changing the Axis of rotation.


Will's Newest youtube video is now live

Make this quirky and fun eclipse machine. There is nothing like it anywhere on the web. . Watch the video right here without leaving my website




a Wizard's Orrery Make a Wizard's Orrery

An orrery is a mechanical device that shows the movement of celestial objects. We make one that shows the motions of the Sun the Earth and the Moon. And we do it with foam board. Make a Wizard's Orrery




a Wizard's Pendulum Clock Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock

Using foamboard you can make a simple moon clock that rotates through the phases of the moon.

It uses a single pin escapement which is an ingenious device. learn about clocks and how they work with this project.

Make a Wizard's Pendulum clock