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Make the 1 box easy periscope

This periscope is easy to make. You need one rectangular box and a couple of small mirrors. But... you don't have to use mirrors. You can use mirrored paper. I will show you all this and give you links too.



Overview of this project:

It's an easy project to make. If you get an oblong box like this you can transform it easily into a periscope with very little work. But... you do need two mirrors to make it work. Or.... you can use mirrored paper like I do with this periscope. Mirrored paper is easy to use and safer than glass mirrors. So this particular iteration of the idea is very kid safe and friendly.

This picture shows how a periscope works.

You look into the periscope at the bottom. And what you see is bounced off two mirrors.

Using this you can look over things like fences or look around corners.








Rather than use glass mirrors you can use mirrored paper or mirrored card stock.

This is the exact package I bought on Amazon: Mirrored cardstock

It doesn't work quite as well as glass mirrors but it is very easy to use and it is safer.







Don't have mirrors or mirrored paper? Check your bags of food in the freezer! Yup, many of them have a mirrored inside surface. This was a bag of shrimp scampi and it would be perfect for our periscope.



Cut two square holes in the box. They are on opposite ends and opposite sides. Save those cut out squares. We are going to use them.


Cut the mirrored paper to the size of your cut out squares of cardboard. Glue the mirrored paper cut outs to the squares. And use as little glue as possible. See how I have just a few dots of white glue. This is important. If you use a lot of glue it can wrinkle the mirrored paper.



Next glue those two mirrored cardboard squares into the box like this. Each one is at a 45 degreee angle to the opening.



And that's it! You have made a periscope. Close the flaps on the box and tape it shut.


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