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Make a puzzle on cardboard

This is a fun and easy project you can make. Who doesn't love a puzzle? And, this one is personalized in that you can use any photograph you want.

You can also cut the puzzle to whatever age group you are making it for.

For younger kids you cut it into larger pieces which makes it an easier puzzle. And for older kids you cut the puzzle into smaller pieces which makes it more challenging.

I also have a youtube video for at the bottom of this page.

I also like that with this project we make a box for it. And on the box we put a picture of the puzzle. That is also a nice addition to the project. A person can look at the picture when making the puzzle.


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Tools and Materials

  • a printed picture
  • A piece of corrugated cardboard at least 12" x 12"
  • a knife to cut cardboard with
  • an adhesive (preferably a spray on but not mandatory)
  • optionally a sealant (I use mod podge spray on)


A Note: I use spray on adhesvie and sealant for this project because it comes out excellent. Use spray on if you have it. But, you can use a brush on white glue if that's all you have. You just have to be real careful with it because these glues can cause your picture to wrinkle.

This picture shows my first attempt with brush on white glue.




Let's Make it!

This is a fun part of the project. Go through your photographs and pick something you would like to make the puzzle out of. I went through my varous photos of my trip around the United States (More about that here).





I chose the picture in the upper right. It is of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.













Print up two versions of the picture. Print one on a full sheet of paper as large as it can get. And then print a second one that is about half size. The large one is our puzzle and the smaller one will go on the box that holds the puzzle.





Apply a thin and even coat of spray adhesive to a piece of corrugated cardboard that is larger than your puzzle picture.








Carefully apply your chosen picture to the adhesive. Smooth it down and allow it to dry before the next step.







Optional step but good to do!

Cover the photograph with a clear spray on sealant. i amm using mod podge super hi gloss. And do several coats. This will protect the puzzle, make it stronger and keep the colors nice and bright.

I did three coats, allowing it to dry between coats.




Let's continue and cut the puzzle then make the box


Watch the video here:











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