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Make a Mini Marshmallow Crossbow out of Cardboard

This is a fun project that is easy to make. You can complete it in less than an hour.

And you just need some cardboard, some glue and a rubber band.

And of course, some mini marshmallows!

I also have a youtube tutorial for this project. You can watch it on youtube right here: Make a mini marshmallow crossbow



The Template for this project is right here. It i s a pdf. Download it, print it and use it to make your mini crossbow.



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Tools and materials:

  • Some corrugated cardboard
  • Some rubbber bands
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • A knife to cut the cardboard with
  • Mini Marshmallows!


Print up the template and cut out the various parts.


There are four parts.


And use these template pieces to trace onto the corrugated cardboard.

Here they are all traced onto cardboard. The template shows you how many of each to make. Here is a review: Make five of the bows. Make five of the handles. Make two of the rectangular pieces and make one of the small rectangle.

And note something. This is important for the strength of the crossbow. Look at the five bow pieces. Three of them are laid out horizontal on the cardboard and two of them are laid out vertical on the cardboard.

This is important for the strength of the crossbow. It means that when glued together you will have the corrugations running in two different directions. Do this 3/2 with the bow pieces and with the handle pieces.

Go ahead and cut out all those pieces.. Not shown in the following picture is the five bow pieces.


Glue together the five handle pieces.


Then glue the bow onto the handle.


Then glue the back platform on.


Then glue on the side runners. One on each side of the handle. They should stick up about the thickness of the back platform. They create a nice little channel for the marshmallow to ride in.

This picture shows how, after the side runners are glued on the mini marshmallow fits in a nice little channel.

See how the top of the side piece is even with the top of the back piece? This will give you the nice marshmallow channel. Do one on each side of the handle..


Cut a rubber band and tie it to each end of the bow.

I have some nice long rubber bands like this red one. If you don't have long rubber bands you can use shorter ones by knotting them together to form a longer one.


Test it with a marshmallow or small crumpled paper ball and adjust the rubber band as needed. Once you have it right the way you want it then apply glue or hot glue to those rubber band knots.


This next picture shows you how to test it and how to fire it. Put a marsmallon in the runner and right near that back plate.

Then pull the rubber band up over the marshmallow. Hold it down against the back plate with a finger.

It is armed and ready to go! All you have to do is point the crossbow and let go your finger.



Have fun!!


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