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Cardboard Projects

I love corrugated cardboard. It is amazing. It is light and it is strong. And I have made a whole lot of projects using it.

Here are some of my more popular corrugated cardboard projects.



Cardboard main page - How to recycle cardboard - Techniques for working with cardboard - Fast list of projects - Box shaped projects - Books - some examples and ideas - Pictures of various cardboard objects - Cardboard weapons and armor - Tools for working with cardboard -Cardboard assembly techniques and tips - Big Cardboard Projects  - Cardboard Machines - Amazon Boxes and sizes

There are a whole lot of different ways you can use cardboard to make things. You can use boxes to make box-like projects and you can use the corrugated cardboard itself to make all kinds of projects in a whole lot of different shapes.

My shadow theatre project is a good example of using a box to make a box-like project. And the rocket pencil holder is a great example of how flexible corrugated is when making just about anything in any shape!

So be sure to start saving your cardboard like I do!

And, if you need cardboard for a project but don't have any it is readily available at Walmart and other stores. Walmart has a wide variety of them that are very inexpensive.





Want some specific techniques for working with cardboard? I have a whole bunch of them for you right here: Cardboard working techniques






The world's greatest cardboard castle

This is an on-going project that is not complete (yet). You can see updates and follow along in the progress right here: The world's greatest cardboard castle





How to Make Roof shingles out of cardboard

This is a technique I developed during the making of the cardboard castle. It's pretty clever and it is cardboard. How to make roof shingles for dollhouses and cardboard castles




Make a spinning wheel of fortune out of cardboard

This is a fun project you can make with simple materials. The clicketly-clack of the spinning wheel is too much fun. Use it for all kinds of things. It probably also is called a casino wheel or a raffle wheel. Tutorial is right here



The Cardboard Box Aquarium

This project absolutely tickles me pink!! I love this little aquarium. It is fun to look at and it was a whole lot of fun to make. You can make one too. How to make the Cardboard Box Aquarium




We made the easy periscope and now we make the Ultimate Periscope!

The ultimate periscope has an extension so you can slide it longer or shorter and the turret on the top rotates. Want to have some fun working with the amazing properties of cardboard? Make the Ultimate Periscope










Do you want a good looking base for a diorama? I have one you can make out of cardboard. It looks great. I have the template and instruction for you on how to make it. Really easy and good looking diorama base.

Make a cardboard base for your diorama



The easy 1 box periscope

You don't need glass mirrors for this one box project. You can use mirrored paper. Fun project. Who doesn't love a periscope?

Make the easy periscope






Make a Dungeon out of Cardboard

It's an easy and good looking set of tiles for table top gaming and adventuring. Cheap! If you have a few basic supplies you can make it. Make a cardboard dungeon



Make an axe out of a pool noodle. Fun and easy project! I show you how to do it step by step. You will need a large cardboard box for this one. Make a Pool Noodle Axe






Make a sword out of a pool noodle. Cost you a dollar and make a strong yet safe sword. Easy to do and I also have a video tutorial to go along with it. Make a Pool Noodle Sword.

Just a noodle, knife, glue and some cardboard is all you need.



Make a puzzle on cardboard from your own photos. Fun project and you can tailor it to the age group it is intended for. Easy puzzle for young kids and more challenging puzzle for older kids/ or adults! I like this project. I also show you how to make the box. Make a puzzle on cardboard



Fun, fast and easy little catapult that is also powerful. You can make it in no time and then have competitions with it. Cardboard, rubber band, toothpick, and glue is all you need. And as always, I give you the template. Make a mini cardboard catapult.



New: Make a castle out of a cardboard box

One box is all you need to make this castle. You get the double benefit of making it and using it for play. Great looking and easy to make castle. Make a castle out of a cardboard box.


Make a shadow theatre out of a cardboard box

This is a fun project that is easy to make. And, once you make it the creativity continues. You can put on shows and tell stories with this cardboard box shadow theatre.


cardboard rocket pencil holder

New: Make a cardboard rocket pencil holder

Fun little cardboard project with a clever way of forming cardboard tubes. How to make a cardboard rocket pencil holder.


New: Make a mini marshmallow crossbow

This is a fun project that is easy to make. A rubber, band, cardboard and glue is all you need. And it is powerful! Make a Mini Marshmallow Crossbow.


New: How to easily form cardboard into tubes and cylinders

Now you can re-use and recycle cardboard boxes and make all kinds of great projects. This tutorial shows you how to form cylinders and tubes.



Lots of easy paper towel and cardboard tube projects

I have a lot of fun and easy projects for you to make with cardboard tubes. Cardboard tube projects







Make a Cardboard Dollhouse (Tudor Style!)

Make an inexpensive and durable dollhouse that looks great. I give you the designs and blueprints free. And I have a video tutorial showing you how to make it. Make a Cardboard Dollhouse


Make a cardboard Sword

Four Cardboard Swords for Halloween
Wnat to make a safe cardboard sword or scythe for Halloween? I have a tutorial that shows you how. I make the Buster Cloud sword, a reaper scythe, a pirate cutlass and a traditional knight't sword. Easy to make and look great. Make a cardboard Sword


Make a cardboard Katana

How to Make a Cardboard Katana:
This tutorial shows you how to make a great looking katana out of cardboard. And it is super strong because we adapt the secret techniques of the Japanese sword masters to the art of cardboard. How to Make a Cardboard Katana


Prank: Rattlesnake in a box

Easy project that you can make quickly. Another fun cardboard project to make. It shakes like a rattlesnake when you pick it up. Make a Rattlesnake in a box.


Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game out of a cardboard box. A box and some creativity and you have a fun game. Make the labyrinth any way you like. I also have some clever labyrinth ideas for you. Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game.



Viking Axe

Make a strong Viking axe out of foamboard or cardboard

This is a fun and easy project. And you can handle it a lot because it is durable. I also show you a new technique for making the bevel on bladed weapons. How to Make a Viking Axe


a Cardboard Catapult How to Make a Cardboard Catapult

How about making a powerful little catapult out of a piece of cardboard, a pencil and a rubber band. Make a Cardboard Catapult





Viking Sword and Helmet Make a Viking Sword and Helmet

This is an easy project that you can make. And you only need a few supplies. I even give you the template for the sword. How to Make a Viking Sword and Helmet



Hylian Shield

Make the Zelda Hylian Shield

The zelda sword was a big success so I figured I would do the shield too. Pretty easy project, just need a couple of sheets of cardboard and some paint. Make the Zelda Hylian Shield


Uruk Hai Scimitar

Uruk Hai Scimitar

This is the sword that the Uruk Hai wielded in the Lord of the Rings Movies. Easy to make and all you need is a sheet of foam board or cardboard. Download the package and print it up. Make an Uruk Hai Scimitar


Spartan 300 Warrior Sword

Make a Spartan 300 Warrior Sword out of cardboard This is a tutorial with video that shows you how to make a nice looking Spartan sword out of cardboard. It is very strong and easy to make. Should take you less than 2 hours depending on the glue drying time. How to Make a Spartan Sword


A Khopesh Sword

Ancient Egyptian Sword: A Khopesh This is an easy project where you can make a cardboard sword called a Khopesh. It is half axe and half sword and a 3,000 year old design. Make a Khopesh Sword


Make a Cardboard Shield

Make a Cardboard Shield for Halloween or just for fun
I have some nice tips and a tutorial on how to make a good looking cardboard shield. Make a cardboard Shield