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Free Clipart, images, textures, and Graphics

This artwork was all created by Angela Evans. She is an artist and has donated all this wonderful art to my website and it is all free for you to download and use in your projects.

It is all copyright© Angela Evans and you are free to use it for personal, educational, and not-for profit use. You are not allowed to use these images for anything defamatory, illicit, or, illegal. You may not hot link to these images.

You can however use images from this collection by obtaining a Commercial Approval license from Angela.

You can contact her directly or by contacting Will.

Once more thing! Send us an email just to show off how you use this art. We would love to see how you use it!




Tileable images for buildings, houses, castles etc. Note: these images are seamless tileable so when pasted together in a grid there are no seams! They range between 600pixels and 3600 pixels. so they are ideal for resizing and printing.