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Make an 18th Century Diorama

This is a wonderful project and a bit of an accidental find. I am currently traveling all of America visiting various sites, cities, landmarks, parks and museums. (You can follow that travel series on my youtube channel here). And on my journey I stopped in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York City. .... and well...

I also have this complete tutorial as a youtube video. You can watch that video without leaving this page. It's down below.


And Well, one of the things I saw there was this actual 18th century diorama of an Italian Villa.

The diorama, also known as a Paper Theater is of an Italianate Villa and Garden.
It was created sometime between 1730 and 1756. This type of paper theatre was layerd and typically with six layers to give depth. This one illustrates
quite beautifully a late Baroque Garden.

These Paper theatres were very popular in the 18th century. And I really like how they use layers to achieve distance and perspective.


So, I decided to make one and this is a tutorial that will show you how to make one. And we take it to another level because I print up actual photographs I took at Biltmore Castle Gardens. You can print them up too ( I have them all in the template) or you can use your own pictures and drawings to make your own unique paper theatre.



Watch the complete video tutorial on how to make this project right here below:

Or you can continue with the web tutorial