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The 3d Waterfall Diorama in a shadowbox

Here is a creative shadowbox diorama made by Frank. It depicts a beautiful scene of a rope bridge over a waterfall. And it is unique in that the scene bursts right out of the frame of the shadowbox. This gives is a nice 3d look.


Frank like to improvise his materials and keep the cost down which is very creative and a great thing to do. You can learn some tips and tricks from his work.

You can check out his other dioramas here

Want to make a waterfall like the one Frank made in this diorama? I have a tutorial for it and you don't need any special supplies. This waterfall is made with clear caulk you can buy at any hardware or home improvement store.

Waterfall in a dioramaA Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama





Front view of the shadowbox


Side view of the shadowbox


View of the shadowbox


The rope bridge

Want to Make your own shadowbox diorama? Amazon has lots of shadowboxes.


Darice 9184-76 Natural Wood Shadow Box Frame






Swing Design Chroma Shadow Box Frame, 5 by 7-Inch, Charcoal Gray