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Beware of the Siren Diorama

Well here is another vignette, this one is of a mermaid, Titled: BEWARE OF THE SIREN!!!

I usually have a reason to put together a diorama or a vignette, but not this time. I just found this one at a model show for a few bucks and told myself why not, never painted a mermaid before. Then came the idea of the Siren of the sea and their beauty and song luring men into the sea to their deaths. I guess beauty has a price!

Luis has made a whole lot of dioramas covering a wide variety of subjects, themes, and time periods. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis

I'll first start with the main focus, the figure: she is made out of metal but don't know which company made it for it was out of the box in a bag.
Painting her tail was painted darkish wine colored red and a silvery green. Once dried I put a coat or two of clear to give her tail a shiny slime look like a fish has.
The body was done with Vallejo flesh paints, I started with dark to light and finished it with minor dark and light shading.
The pearls around her body, where made with pin drops of clear glue like gorilla glue, once dried painted white.
Her hair of course is blond, with dark and light shades add on.

The Oyster Shell is an actually oyster shell just wired together and then mold in some air-dry clay to look like muscle and painted with grey , light brown and tan and ivory.

The Base: the oyster lays on a piece of wood glued on to a wooden box frame. Inside the frame is a glued picture of a rocky beach outcrop of rocks that I printed out in color. I then placed some large and small rocks (real ones) around the oyster. Also some tiny shells too and a crab or two. When the glue dried I poured on a whole bottle of liquid water from Woodland Scenics, which is good for small vignette like this.

The final touch is that I add sound effects to it, bought a recordable voice box (EZ Sound Box) from amazon which last about 2 or 3 minutes. I then downloaded a siren singing from YouTube. The whole is pretty but eerie when the singing is played.





EZ Sound Box