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How about a Dinosaur Diorama in a television?

I have a whole lot of diorama stuff and I have several dinosaur dioramas. Who doesn't love a good dinosaur diorama? I even have one that has a meteor crashing to the ground . (It's a theory of extinction thing.

But I have never made one that is as much fun as this one! Yes, it's a diorama in a television. !! I have to admit when I first saw it I thought I was watching an episode of Terra Nova. lol

This diorama was made by Wendy and my thanks to her for sharing this with us!!



Dinosaur Diorama in a television


Here is what Wendy has to say about the making of this diorama:

Here are some pics of my dinosaur diorama. It is entirely made of cast-off items: 100% upcycled. I started with an old tv I gutted and painted.

I built the volcano from old newspapers (paper mache). The walls are pages from discarded children's books, and the dinosaurs were purchased for 25 cents each at a flea market. The volcano lights up using part of an old Christmas decoration (tall candle; I cut it in half with the Dremel and added a red light bulb). Rocks from my yard completed this Christmas gift for my nephew. Hope you like it!


And here is a picture of one of the dinosaurs peeking out the knob hole. Looks like a T-Rex to me!!


Here is a closeup pic of the diorama.

closeup of the dinosaurs


I have more Dinosaur Dioramas right here




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