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Wall Diorama part 15 - The Lizard's Nest

In this part of the series on the wall diorama I made the Lizard's Nest. This is a pretty simple part of the diorama and it looks pretty good. There are some rock formations, nests and eggs.


I also have these tutorials in a series of youtube videos that you can view here: Wall diorama Video Tutorials


Here is the completed Lizard's Nest

The lizards Nest


And here is a video showing the whole process.


Here is a look at some of the key elements of this part of the diorama

Painting the base

The Basic structure is just a piece of foam that I cut and sculpted. It has small indentation areas where the nests will go.


Painting the Eggs

The Eggs are just dried peas that I painted a variety of colors.


Lizards nest

The nests are just pieces of sphagnum moss that I glued into the shape of a nest and placed the eggs in. Simple as that. The section has several nests.


The lit column

A couple of final things about this section are the columns which I simply careved out of foam, painted and glued in place. And what really makes this section of the diorama stand out is the lighting. Behind each column I have placed a small light. This gives a terrific back lit feel to the nesting area.

If you want to add lighting like this to a diorama it is important to know that you should do some of the wiring ahead of time so it is in place when you want to install the lights. I have more about this in another tutorial about this diorama.


Let's continue on to Part 16 - The Torture Chamber


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