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Wall Diorama part 17 - The Lizard Temple

In this part of the series on the wall diorama I made the Lizard Temple.

There are some new diorama techniques in this tutorial including the use of paper and origami paper to achieve a certain look.

I also have these tutorials in a series of youtube videos that you can view here: Wall diorama Video Tutorials

The main page for this series of webpages is here


Here is a picture of the Lizard temple. It is complete but I may do a little more work on it. I am thinking that I should cover the two lights with some celluclay .

The completed lizards temple

The lizard temple is a pretty simple layout. There is a dais that the golden lizard statue is perched on. To the left and right of the dais are two light structures that really light up. I used christmas tree lights for this.

There are two columns that I made out of wooden dowels and celluclay. I painted these columns gray and gold. The remained is simply various types of paper and origami paper. This includes the back wall and the floor.

I also coated the ceiling and side walls with celluclay.

This next picture gives you a pretty good idea of the basic materials I used for this section. I added some foam for the ceiling, used wood for the columns and the dais.

The structures are first made with foam and wood

Here it is a little further along. I have added the paper on the back wall and floor. And the wiring is almost done.

Wall paper and decorations are added


You can watch a video of this right here:


Let's continue and look at the making of the Dragon's Lair and the Crystal Cave



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