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The Fantasy Wall Diorama Part 18 -
The Dragon's Lair and Crystal Cave

This is part 18 of the Wall Diorama series of tutorials. In this part we finish off the diorama building part of the project. This is the crystal cave and automated dragon. You can see the dragon sticking his head out of a cave in the picture below. He is automated on a track and his head goes in an out with the flick of a switch.

I also have a video of this installment of the project - At the bottom of this page.


The building of this part of the diorama is pretty simple with the exception of the automated part of the dragon that goes in and out of the cave.


Dragon's Lair

The following picture gives you an idea of how the automated dragon works. The whole base unit is the inside of a portable cd player. There is a platform on it that slides back and forth. (this is the platform that moves the laser back and forth over a cd.

I simply made a block and a few levers to take advantage of the back and forth motion of the cd. The dragon goes back and forth with it but also his head tilts up and down.


The automated dragons head


Closeup of the dragon pouncing on an adventurer.

The dragon and an adventurer


The clay dragon s head

I sculpted the dragons head with ProCreate. It is a two part modeling epoxy that hardens in a couple of hours. It needs no baking which is kind of nice.

Available on amazon.com here: Procreate Putty 2.5 Oz.




The Crystals are simply crystals that I bought in bulk. I glued them together into clusters then glued these to the diorama using a hot glue gun.

The crystals in the cave



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