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How to Make a Whirlpool Diorama

This is a wonderful little water effects diorama made by a web visitor (Jeanne). She sent me a couple of pictures of this project and I just had to ask her to share with us how she did this! So, here she tells us how to make a terrific little whirlpool diorama. My thanks go to her for sharing this with us!

The first two pictures are of the completed scene. The third picture shows earlier in the process so you get a look at how to make it.



Jeanne tells us how she made this:

I used Loctite Crystal Clear caulking to make the general shape.  I used several layers of that, letting it dry before adding a new layer.  After each layer dried, I painted it with Testor paints (Battle Grey, White, and Sea Blue), painting some areas darker and some lighter to approximate the way the ocean looks. 

After I had built up the layers enough, I used Liquitex Gloss super heavy gel to make the whitecaps and the spray "hitting" the rocks and the ship.  The rocks are pieces of gravel that I added while making the caulk layers.  The ship is from Morrison Games.  It is approximately 38 mm and made of black plastic.  I painted the sails and added silver around the portholes with a Sharpie.


The Whirlpool Diorama


Closeup of the whirlpool


Overhead view of the whirlpool



Waterfall in a diorama

A Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama


Realistic Water

Realistic Water, 16 fl oz

This is the water product that I use to make the surface water of the pond and the river. It is pretty nice stuff and very easy to use. You just pour it in and let it dry. No mixing required. But, you can only pour it to about 1/4 inch thick. Then let it dry and pour another layer. You can speed up the drying process with a fan.



Water Effects Water Effects, 8 fl oz

  • A heavy-bodies, moldable product that will hold it's shape
  • Use to create pond ripples, waterfalls or rapidly moving water
  • Dries clear in about 24 hours
  • 8 fluid ounces





Will's Book on Diorama Making

Will's Book

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.