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Make a Dungeon Diorama Book Part 2: Building it

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the actual dungeon.


Draw out the dungeon right on the book. Consider the walls near the binding lines. Think about how the book will fold and if the walls will be in the way. You might want to design this out on paper first. This way you can have some fun trying different room layouts.

Draw out the dungeon


Cut and glue on dungeon pieces


Next, if you want to build it deeper you can apply a second level of foam. Either to all of the walls or just portions of it. In this following picture I am adding a second level to just one room. This will make for a nice spot to have a stair that goes up into this little room.

Add second layers as desired


And here is another second level room that I made in my dungeon. This room is circular because it is a mine. And notice how the inside walls are very rough cut. This is by design. It gives it a nice mined wall look and texture. You can pluck at the foamm and pick pieces, make it very rough like a mine.

A second layer room

Okay! The next picture shows the completed build. Continue on to the next page and let me show you how to paint it.


The build part is complete