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Make a Trick or Treat Bag With a diorama in it - Part 2

In part one of this tutorial series we created the kitchen where Mary was preparing the food.

Now we move on to creating the attic. And there is a lot of fun stuff in the attic! I will show you some easy techniques like making windows, boxes and a mirror for the wall.


The Attic

The Attic


There are a bunch of fun things in the attic including an old fashioned mirror, lots of boxes, a window, framed pictures on the wall and a skeleton chained up in the corner.


The woodwork

We started with a coat of paint on the walls and the floor. This gives is a good look underneath and through all the floor boards and the boards on the walls. These are strips of balsa wood randomly cut so they are uneven and old. You can use popsicle sticks for this if you don't have any balsa wood.

Notice that we left a spot for the window.


The window

The window is a neat little addition. First cut a rectangle of cereal box cardboard then paint it. We painted it black because it is night. And it is difficult to see in the picture but there are tree limbs showing through the window. Then glue some plastic bagging over the window. Some balsa wood for a frame and you have a nice window. We make several of these for the diorama.


The chained skeleton

We dug through a bunch of miniatures and found this skeleton. It is made out of metal so it could be bent at the waist. A little bit of jewelry chain and he goes right into the corner. Looks like he has been there quite a while.


Print up pictures

We found some old fashioned black and white pictures. Printed them pretty small and they are going to be perfect for framed pictures in the attic.



Some strips of balsa wood, gold paint and hot glue for the corners and we have some nice little old fashioned pictures.


The mirror

We make a nice looking old fashioned mirror with just a few basic materials. First cut an oval out of cereal box cardboard then apply an oval of chrome tape or aluminum foil to it. Hot glue all around it and trim it neatly with a knife. Finish it with a pen or sharp tipped marker.


The boxes

The boxes are of various sizes and simply cut and folded from cereal box cardboard.


The completed attic

And we finish off the attick with some details that age it. Pulled cotton ball fluff is glued in the corners and Fullers Earth is used as dust. Sealing it all with a spray sealant will keep it all in place and preserved nicely.


NextOk, the Attic is done. Let's move on to the banquet room



Halloween Project Day 4 - Skeleton Marionette

This is a fun marionette project with something extra. The head pops off and falls to the ground. Then it bends over and picks it up to put it back! LOL. Fun. I also have a video. Make a skeleton Marionette



Will's Book on Diorama Making

Will's Book

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.