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Make an Interactive Halloween Diorama

This is a fun diorama that has LED lights in the pumpkins, and moving parts like zombies and skeletons that pop out of gravestones. It also has flying things like the headless horseman and a ghost. Adding some intereactive moving parts to a diorama is a great way to take it to the next level.

If you came here from Youtube thanks! Give me a day to finish this web based tutorial. So! Bookmark and try again tomorrow!

There is also a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.


The completed diorama

The completed halloween diorama


First let's take a look at the Special Effects on this diorama

There are several very unique things about this diorama including the LED light pumpkins and five moving mechanical parts. The moving parts include:

  • Headless Horseman on a string
  • Ghost on a string
  • Zombie that pops out of a grave
  • Skeleton that pops out of a grave
  • A spectre that pops up from some bushes


The zombie

Here is the popping zombie.

Operating the zombie

There is a lever built into the underneath of the diorama that is used to move the zombie up and down. Same thing for the skeleton.


The zombie grave

Here is a look at it from the top surface of the diorama. The hole is the zombie grave. Pusing down on the wood brings the other end up, popping the zombie.


The popping mechanism


Here is the mechanism for popping the green ghoul up. It turns the circular motion of the wheel into the vertical motion of the shaft.


Operating the mechanism

Here it is mounted in the diorama. You turn the wheel and the vertical shaft goes up. We just need to put the ghost on it then build some bushes around it.

There are eight LED's mounted in this diorama. Five of them are for the pumpkins and three of them are streetlights. The black arrows show where the LED's are located. This is a pretty easy thing to do and I will show you how to add LED's. There are just a few rules of thumb.

The eight LED's

Here is the ghost on a string.

The ghost on a wire



The headless horseman


NextOk! That's an overview of the special effects in this diorama. Let's Build it!!


Or you can watch the video here:






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