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How to make Tall Diorama Grass Using an Electro-static Flocker

Diorama Terrain is some really terrific stuff. For the most part though grass is a green flat material on the surface of the diorama. You do have some wonderful options if you want to make taller grass that actually stands up like real grass that hasn't been mowed.


You can do this in large areas with something called an electro-static flocking machine. It gives the strands of grass a static charge so they stand up.

I have a video showing this process at the bottom of this page.

Here is the company that makes this machine



I also have a tutorial on how to make trees with this method. Right here





This picture gives you an idea of what you can do making tall grass.

making tall grass

And here is a side view.
The grass is a bit random but you can get it to all line up very uniform.

side view of the grass

The grass



The flocking texture that we use for this process is different than the normal terrain textures. It is composed of lots of little strands.


Trim the grass

You can also cut the flocking grass from longer terrain grass. This way you can cut it to the height desired for the terrain.


The electrostatic flocker

Here is the flocking tool that I use. It holds two D batteries for power. There is a sieve on the end and notice the white wire with a banana clip on the end of it.

Add flock to the tool

You fill the sieve with the flocking material.


Glue the surface

Let's make the terrain.

First you coat an area of terrain with glue. I use Hob-e-tac. That works pretty well. A thin coat is usually best because it allows the strands to stand up straight without falling over.

Attach the connection

Stick a pin or nail into the center of the area. It needs to be something metal. And connect the clip of the flocking tool to it. This gives the glue a charge.


Apply the flocking

Turn the machine on and shake the material over the terrain you want covered. Keep the basket nice and low near the terrain surface; between 1 and 2 inches.


Closeup of the flockiing

Here is a side view of the process. You can see the little strands standing up on end. Moving the basket close stands them up very nicely. So keep the basket nice and close to the terrain surface.

Here is a closeup

It stands up straight


Working with this kind of tool takes a little bit of practice but you will quickly get good at it. And get it nice and thick. It often helps to lay in some texture and wait a minute then put in another layer then repeat.


Here is the video tutorial showing how to make this:



I also have a tutorial on how to make tufts of grass. You don't need a flocking machine for this, just some texture, scissors, and glue. Make Tufts of Grass



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