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Make your diorama Pop with these display and photography techniques

There are some creative ways you can display your dioramas in pictures. Here I show you three different techniques for displaying and photographing your dioramas.


1.Use a Natural Background

(Special thanks to Luis for sharing the diorama and the pic with us.) One of the easiest things you can do is place the diorama in a natural setting that blends in with the landscape of the diorama. This diorama called "Dragoons of Angola" is a grassy scene and the diorama has been placed in a spot with very similar grass. It looks great. The same technique goes for just about any type of terrain whether it be water, sand, pebbles, rocky and more.

You can learn more about this diorama right here: Dragoons of Angola

Dragoons of Angola


2. Use photo backdrops

(Special thanks to Steve for sharing these next two pics with us!) Using photo realistic backgrounds can firmly place a diorama into a realistic looking scene. This diorama of a WWII period German Half-Track has a terrific swampy background image. You can almost believe the whole scene is real. You can learn more about this diorama here: The German Halftrack Diorama

German Halftrack

The model tank is extremely well done and the background image is very well chosen for this diorama. You might believe this is an actual tank scene! But it is a diorama with a photo realistic background. you can learn more about this diorama here: Prowling Tank Diorama

German Panther Tank

3. Use Filters and effects with Photoshop or other image editing program

(Special thanks to Willem G. for sharing the next three pics with us!) You can also work some magic with a diorama by taking pictures of it then processing the pictures with a program like Photoshop. This is exactly what Willem has done with these diorama pictures. It is a careful exposition of time period dioramas and models along with the simulated old fashioned photograph technique. It makes it look like these pictures were taken of actual vehicles during the time period.

Aged photo of a diorama


Aged photo of a diorama


Aged photo of a diorama




Never made a diorama? I have a beginners tutorial right here: How to Make a plastic model tank and a diorama for it

In this tutorial I show you how a plastic model tank is made and I also show you how to make a neat little diorama to go with it. Easy project called "Crossroads". Make a tank and diorama (includes a video)


How to Make Military Tarps, Canvas and Canopies

Here I show you techniques for easily making a wide variety of canvas, tarp and canopies for your military diorama. With these techniques the materials look flexible like they should but they are firm and durable for your diorama. How to Make Miliktar Tarps, canvas and canopies for your diorama


Texturing a kit wall

There are some terrific kits out there for a lot of things like walls, stone walls, broken walls and more. Glen shows us an easy and terrific technique for making them look even more realistic. Texturing a kit wall