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Glen's Bird Dog Diorama

Bird Dog is another great little diorama made by Glen. It shows a plane just over the bush. And its position gives the scene a lot of nice tension.

The real center piece of this diorama is all the bush. In this tutorial Glen shows us how to make all this wonderful bush terrain.

This diorama shows you what you can do with a few materials and a good eye!

He uses something called rubber horse hair which is a standard item in furniture making.

Glen has lots more dioramas and tutorials here on my website check them out here



Materials used:

The rubber horse hair is used in furniture making, but over here in the UK it is quite popular with modellers to make bushes.  You don't need that much of it as it spreads out, You can paint it too.

I have used it in  many of my dioramas. Just put some white pva wood glue over it and stick the foliage over it.  The picture frame was just the right size for creating the forest for Bird Dog after making the forest, the cocktail stick was attached o the plane and then stuck in the foliage. You don't have to use a picture frame a piece of plywood will do. 

Bird Dog

The Bird Dog Diorama

Overhead view of the diorama


Woodland Scenics Foliage

This is the woodland scenics foliage used. It is available on here: Foliage Bag, Early Fall/90.7 sq. in.


Rubber Horse Hair


A bush

This is another diorama by Glen. In it he also uses the same technique for making bush. This one is a stand alone bush. Check out that diorama here: The Hanomag Diorama



1/72 Cessna Bird Dog ARX01058



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