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Military Dioramas made by Cliff


Cliff sent me an email to let me know about a neat little technique he has for making tufts of grass in a diorama on a smaller scale. He does a lot of 1/72 scale military stuff and refined this process quite nicely.

I will show you a bit about his technique and also show you some of his amazing dioramas.

He is a member of the Central Arkansas Scale Modelers Club you can check them out!

If you want to check out my video tutorial on making tufts of grass it is right here.



Here is what he has to say:

My name is Cliff. I'm a scale modeler from Arkansas. I like to do 1/72 scale armor. I display my  armor pieces on a wooden base with some high density foam attached. I have used the woodland scenic grass technique from your video on several occasions.

Here he tells us how he makes small tufts of grass:

Due to the 1/72 scale, I have to make my grass tuffs a little smaller. Here is my technique. I take a section of grass(like in  your video) and take tape like Tamiya tape and wrap it around the grass. 3 pieces of tape will make 4 sections of grass. I then cut thru the center of each piece of tape. Each clump of grass has a piece of tape wrapped around it to secure it from coming apart. I then put a hole in the foam and put the taped section of the grass in the hole with some white glue. Be sure to bury it deep enough to hide the tape!

Here are some pics of a demo I did of the technique at our last modelers club meeting.

Cut some tape


Wrap the grass in tape


The Taped grass

Some of Cliff's Amazing Dioramas where you can see the terrain work!

A Panzerwerfer

Panzerwerfer Diorama

Panzer with burned out Russian t26

Panzer diorama with a Russian T26

A stug in hiding

A Stug Diorama

A tiger in the woods

Tiger tank Diorama


I really like Cliff's diorama bases and he tells us a little bit about how he makes them:

You asked about the bases. $1.49 or so at Hobby Lobby. A coat or two of stain and some clear coat  polyurethane. On these I  sent you, I added flat sections of cork and added a mixture of celluclay and sculptamold to that.


Make a realistic looking fallen tree

Make a realistic looking fallen tree

He uses around the house materials to make a very real looking tree. He shows us how right here. Make a realistic looking fallen tree (and brush too)


Texturing a kit wall

Texturing a kit wall

There are some terrific kits out there for a lot of things like walls, stone walls, broken walls and more. Glen shows us an easy and terrific technique for making them look even more realistic. Texturing a kit wall




Wooden Square Plaque

Darice 9179-66 Wooden Square Plaque, 7-Inch This is a wooden plaque base similar to what Cliff uses for his dioramas. Amazon has lots of different styles and sizes.



Dragon Models 1/72 Tiger I

Dragon Models 1/72 Tiger I, Mid Production s.Pz.Abt.507, Poland 1944

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