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Cristinel's Military Diorama - German BMW Motorcycles

Cristi has made a wonderful military diorama using a couple of German BMW Zundapp Motorcycles. It came out great and he paid attention to detail with it.

He also added some other terrific stuff and he shows us step by step how he did this project.

My thanks go to him for sharing this with us!

And want to see more of Cristi's amazing work? Check out his blog here.

Cristi also has given us a really nice tutorial on how to make water effects for boats. You can check that out here.


Here is the completed diorama. The fall colors are spectacular.

The diorama


drawingsCristi started with drawings. And that's always a great way to start a new diorama. You can work out a lot of things and you can get the layout just right.






Cut foamboard

The building is made out of foamboard so this is laid out, cut and assembled.






start layoutNow we experiment with some different layout to see how the arrangement will look.







More layoutLet's continue to refine it.


start buildingOnce we find the right layout we can start to do the terrain and base materials. Here the textures under the ground part is added and the bricks defining the line of the road.





Paint it

Add some structures and base paints.







Add details

Time to start adding details,textures and paints. Looking great.







The motorcyclists are from an Italeri kit.

That's it. Cristi has more for us coming up!

And want to see more of Cristi's amazing work? Check out his blog here.







Tamiya 1/35 German BMW R75/Zundapp

1/35 Scale Kit includes two German motorcycles. Skill level 2



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