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The Fields of Fire Diorama

Steve is making some amazing dioramas. This one is called "Field of Fire" and it depicts a scene of a Machine Gun Emplacement.

He uses a lot of excellent techniques to make his dioramas and he explains to us some of these techniques.

He has also shared with us another diorama of a trestle bridge. You can check that out right here.

My thanks go to Steve for sharing his work and his expertise with us!

Steve has shared several of his dioramas with us. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas


Machine gun emplacement side view of the diorama


Side view of the diorama


The styrofoam base

Base is lathed pine and Styrofoam.


Painting and modifying the soldiers

Figures are one from Tamiya's �Panzer Grenadiers and two from Tamiya's �Machine Gun Team with one modified for the correct angle and height.  Arm was modified, filled with Testors model putty, and then sanded, primed, and painted.  After done it was supported by a splint to maintain correct posture.

Ground cover and sand bags

Ground cover is spackle and the fire position walls and overhead is balsa from a craft shop.


The various sand bags

Sand bags are a mix of Tamiya's sandbag kit and handmade ones crafted from a putty called Creative PaperClay.  It comes in a moist brick with the texture of clay.  Once crafted and while drying, wrap individually with paper towel and paint with a thin water/Elmer's glue mix and a small amount of paint.  The Tamiya were used as the base and the handmade ones were positioned and then bent and shaped while still pliable for individuality.

View of the diorama

Overhead ties are real leather strings from Tandy leather usually used for making necklace string or fringe or used for sewing leather pieces together.


The grass and foliage

Grass and foliage is hemp rope from Home Depot and moss from a craft store, Michaels.


The gravel walkway

Gravel walkway in firing position is simple fine gravel sifted from a local creeks bank then blackened.

Overhead canopy

Overhead canopy is cotton gauze bandage(s) soaked in the same water/glue mix then spread on wax paper and spray painted whatever color(s) wanted then spread out on the posts, tied with leather string to crossbeams and sprinkled with small bits of moss from the craft store.

NextMore Pictures of this diorama here


Tamiya grenadiers

Tamiya 35061 1/35 German Panzer Grenadiers


Tamiya miniature soldiers

Tamiya US Machine Gun and Mortar Team

  • This kit includes eight figures
  • This kit includes one M1917, one 50 cal, one rocket launcher and one 81mm mortar
  • 1/35 Scale Figures


Tamiya Sand Bag set

Tamiya Sand Bag set 1/35


Creative paper clay

Creative PaperClay for Modeling


Building Dioramas

Building Dioramas -

Acclaimed modeler Chris Mrosko explains how to build dioramas that showcase models and create dramatic scenes, as well as offering expert modeling tips. Focusing on a step-by-step, how-to approach, modelers will learn the fundamentals of construction and design, airbrushing and finishing tips, how to cast pieces out of resin, and more. The ideal reference for modelers who want to expand their skills and do more with their models. A variety of step-by-step projects that range from Saving Private Ryan to modern global conflicts. Modelers will learn how to create wedgie dioramas to showcase figures.