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German U Boat Diorama

Here is another wonderful diorama made by Glen. He also shows us how he made the water techniques.


Glen has made a whole lot of dioramas for us. You can check them out here: Glen's Dioramas



The German U boat Diorama

The kit was made straight out of the box, the only extra I done was put on the rigging and rope rails, again I will take pictures of what I used to send you

Airfix 1/72 German S-Boat Model Kit
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model: A10280
Scale: 1/72

I completed the sea using polystyrene which I cut out the hull shape for the boat. I then covered the hull of my boat with cling film this protects the boat and stops it from sticking to the filler and it helps to get the right shapes for the waves and rolling waves.

First I made a wooden base, and using a router put a shape around the edge, I then stuck on with PVA Glue the polystyrene, but cut it out a rough outline for the hull. Once this is done I then mixed up the filler and spread i over and the set the boat hull into it, as the hull is covered with cling film it will not stick to it.

You need to shape the waves, but just as the filler is starting to set this is the best time to shape the waves for the bow of the boat, if you follow the box art you can get some idea. When the filler has set you can remove the boat, and paint up the see, I used Artists acrylic paints to paint the sea and finished it off with about 3 coats of a satin clear varnish.

When you use this method you dont have to paint all of the hull only what is seen.

Here is the kit that Glen made:

The box of the kit

Here are the materials used including rigging cotton.

The tools


The water


Closup of the water


Inside the water effects



U boat kit

Airfix 1/72 German E Boat (Schnellboot)

E Boat kit

Bronco Models 1/350 German S-100 Class Schnellboot

This is a much smaller model, easier to make, less detailed and less expensive.


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