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How to Make Rubble

If you are interested in making military dioramas then you most definitely are interested in rubble. They are often a very important part of a military scene.

If you look through Glen's dioramas you can see lots of great rubble. In this tutorial Glen shows us how he makes all this terrific rubble look so realistic.

Glen has lots more dioramas and tutorials here on my website check them out here



The soldiers



To make the rubble I used the following,  Household wall filler, 1/35 scale bricks, Fine and medium stone scatter obtained from my local model shop. Dried wall filler used from previous projects, crumbled up  into various sizes.


More Ingredients

Mix up some filler

Mix up some filler for what you need.

Spread the filler

Then using some thick plastic, (I have used builders rubble bags cut up) spread the filler over to desired thickness.

Dried filler

From my tub of dried filler used on previous projects I selected some pieces to put into the filler I have just spread onto polythene you must remember to work on a flat surface.


Pieces of filler


Bits of filler

You then need to sprinkle over various bits of your dried filler.



Along with your scatter


also some bricks


Paint the rubble

You can then paint you rubble, this is one that I have done before, a good tip is to pick out the bricks and paint them different colours, when you have made a few of them you can put them together and fill in the gaps with scatter, dried filler and some more bricks .


You can see here how various sections has been joined up.

Rubble assembled together


Details added

You can add various items to your rubble i have used timber her to  represent  floorboards from  my  ruin. You could use helmets, oil drums etc, depends on what diorama you are making.


Soldier on rubble

It is always good to keep one piece of rubble by they are fantastic for  photographing figures on.

make barbed wire

How to make barbed wire and concertina wire This is a nice tutorial that shows you how to easily make barbed wire or concertina wire for your diorama. All you really need is some wire and cutters. How to make barbed wire



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