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Jeep Diorama "Best Go Around"

I always talk about how a diorama should freeze one particular moment in time. It adds a lot to the scene. And this diorama by Glen shows this concept perfectly! We have a jeep paused in the sand and the occupants see a german sign that says "Attention Mines". Well, The occupants of the jeep are thinking that it is probably best to go around. And that is the name of this diorama "Best Go Around"!

My thanks to Glen for submitting this terrific little military diorama.



This is a nice project if you want to make a military diorama. It has some great basic parts including making a model, sand and barbed wire.

The diorama


Here is what Glen has to say about the making of this diorama:

Many thanks, I made the base how I have always done that is with polystyrene hot glued to the timber base and covered with wall filler and painted along with dry brushing different shades to get desert effect.

I researched the signs for German Mines on the Internet found pictures copied them and pasted them to word on cut them out after scaling them down, I will send you a copy of what I found.

The barbed wire I made from fuse wire, this is very time consuming to make, the metal poles or pigs tails as they are sometimes know are made by Italeri Barricades set 401 this is a very good set for dioramas as it has an assortment of barricades that can be made up, timber ones and metal types. To make the barbed wire you need to cut off very small pieces of fuse wire and glue them on to longer pieces using Formula 560 made by Pacer which is a canopy glue which dries back clear.

As for the wooden base I am lucky, as I am a carpenter by trade so I can make my own plinths/bases by using a router as I have many different bits with varied shapes, and I have a few off cuts of timber lying around which I can use, the overall size of this base is 7 inches by 6 inches so it is only a small base and a small diorama, but to me it tells a story.

With the mine flags I cut out the shapes stuck them together with normal glue for paper and fixed them to barbed wire the canopy glue. With this kit I made my own straps for the the bags and water bottles using plastic cut and melted over a candle flame to get the twist etc. For the rope on the bumper of the Jeep I soaked it overnight in a mug Tea to get the colour as it was to white and I didn't want to really have to paint the rope, I think it has the desired effect.

Side view of the jeep


Top view of the jeep


Front view of the jeep




0401 1/35 Barricades


A Jeep Willy's

1/35 Jeep Willys MB 1/4Ton

This isn't the same jeep as in this tutorial but it is pretty nice!


Jeep with Tow Missile

U.S. M-151 Jeep with Tow Missile Launcher by Tamiya


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