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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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contribute projects or ideas you can contact me Will

Making the tree and the brush for the Normandy Wall Diorama

In Glen's Diorama "Captured by the Marquis" we see a very realistic scene. In this scene there is a hand made tree and some amazing brush. He also modified the wall.

In this tutorial Glen explains how he did this work.

This is part of the "Captured by the Marquis" Diorama


soldier sitting ona stump

The diorama



Miniature figures


The broken brick wall


To Make the Tree:


He used a pair of dying potted plants called Cham.Obtusa Snowflake and Soaked both plants in a PVA/Water mix and I keep them in my greenhouse for when I need them.


To make the trunk of the tree I use Balsa Wood Shaved down to make a rough point i.e wide at bottom of trunk narrow at top. I then use a junior hacksaw blade and run it up and down, this to me makes a realistic looking bark, to which I then paint. Using the plant I make a hole in the balsa wood and glue in some of the plant. When this is dry and spray the whole tree branches taking care not to get any on the lower part of the tree. I then used static scatter various shades after applying a weak pva water mix to the branches.


The fallen tree

To make bottles for your figures I
stretch left over sprue, you can use clear sprue if you want clear
glass type bottles.

miniature soldier


Hell in the Hedgerow

Glen shows us some new techniques in the dioram including how the baes can nicely accentuate the terrain in the diorama and how you can make nice tank tracks in mud . Hell in the Hedgerow


The Winter Wall Diorama

Glen scratch built this diorama and then did an amazing job of turning it into a snowy scene. See pictures of this project and learn about adding snow effects. And learn how to scratch build a realistic looking wall The Winter Wall Diorama


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