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The New Zealand Army Diorama - All Roads lead to Rome

Here is an excellent little diorama that has a strong focus on layered and varied terrain.

Glen has built this diorama paying very close attention to several things including the design of the terrain, the building of the terrain and the painting of the miniature figures.

In part 2 of this tutorial Glen shows us how he made the terrain for this diorama.

Kits used Dragon Allied Assault Monte Cassino 1944 6515, The mule is from the Tamiya Livestock set 35128 but I scratched built the harness etc . (links to these kits at bottom of the page)

Glen has made a whole lot of dioramas, scenes and models in the military genre. I have a page with more of his work right here: Glen's Military Dioramas and tutorials


Glen tells us about this diorama: This is is a small vignette I done which I entered into the IPMS International competion last year 2015 which was given a commended award in class 58 Vignette, also my Captuerd by The Maquis was given a commended award in Class 83 Diorama Figures  results can be found here
With this Vignette All Roads Lead To Rome I used the NZ Army going up through the mountains of Mont Cassino.

I built  everything  from scratch, I made the base, used  polystyrene  to form the basic shape, then I soaked air dried clay in water for about 3 weeks prior to wanting to use it. This meant as it was very wet it was easier to spread it over the  polystyrene, but i used a hair dryer to dry it into the shape I wanted. But used cork slivers to help form rocks/boulders  Glen Eames ICIOB

The New Zealand Army Diorama


Take a closer look here at the terrain. It is very interesting to look at and it uses a wide variety of techniques to get just about every type of terrain like dirt, soil, grass, mud, rock, stone and gravel.


Closeup of the figures


And the design of the terrain where it progressively gets taller gives it an excellent look and it works as a partial backdrop.


Side view of the diorama

The Figures have been painted.

The miniature soldiers



The pack horse


View of the diorama


long shot


NextLet's take a look at how to make this diorama



Dragon 1/35 Allied Assault, Monte Cassino 1944


Tamiya 1/35 Military Miniatures Animal Livestock set 35128



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