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Omaha Beach Diorama by Antton

Antton made this diorama for his History Fair. And he won! Now he is taking it to the County level competition with it.

Here is what he has to say about making it:

The whole model is a 1:72 scale and the tanks, the artillery , the soldiers and the Lcm3 landing crafts are all unimax models and I hand painted them.

As far as the water and terrain I used your videos as guide lines as well as with the newspaper and plaster cloth base.

The bunker is actually from italeri. The tank is a tiger tank or Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E and the two Sherman tanks and then the German half track , the jeep and the two boats are actually Lcm3 landing crafts which are bigger than the regular Higgins boat landing craft.



Overhead view of the diorama


Here are some pictures that show how the diorama is made step by step.


The shell is plaster

Painting the water

adding figures


Lets look at some close-up pictures of this diorama.



1/72 WWII Bunkers And Accessories

Italeri always cares for quality, to make modeling a fun and rewarding hobby for our customers. All of our product lines feature: high quality plastics to warrant easy assembling; most kits have photoengraved details to enhance drybrushing and weathering effects, making your models as realistic looking as possible; great care in assembly instructions and historical documentation. In 2004, Italeri introduced Photographic Reference Manuals (PRM), unique guides including detailed information, photographs of the vehicle in action, zoomed details for accurate historical reproduction, excerpts from the original technical manuals, and especially different versions and paint schemes of the vehicles. A great help for both the novice and the experienced modeler. Accurate details, with many kits having resin or photoengraved parts, enhancing the realism of the model.

Tiger I Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf E SdKfz 181 Tank Early Version 1-48 by 1-48 AFV Club


Airfix A02320 1:76 Scale Sherman Crab Tank Military Vehicles Classic Kit Series 2



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