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Panzer Tank and Railway Diorama

Here is a great little diorama made by Glen. It exhibits something I always talk about when it comes to making a diorama - A diorama is a frozen moment in time!

This is a nice little scene of a moment in time when a Panzer tank is busting through a railroad track. The overall scene has a good amount of tension and anticipation in it. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next.

Below are some pictures of the completed diorama and some pictures of how Glen Built it.

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Here is what Glen has to say about making this diorama:

Train track diorama I made the base from an old shelf the base size is 7.5 inches square and then used my router to put a moulding around the edges, why buy bases when you can make your own?.

I the stuck polystrene with my glue gun I did a basic shape of what I wanted then carved out the shape of crater in polystrene and covered with polyfiller (decorator wall filler)

TIP: I always keep any filler left over from previous builds as you can crush it up to make it look like rubble in a tub, whilst the filler is still wet sprinkle dry rubble over, it will attach itself to the wet filler and when it dries you wouldnt know it is old filler, it does not matter what size the rubble is.


The completed diorama

An Overhead view of the diorama showing the terrain and the blown out railroad tracks. This diorama is now ready for the tank to be placed.

This picture shows the terrain shell.




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