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A 1/72 scale Seagull V or Walrus Diorama

Here is a great diorama of a seagull downed in the water. It was made by Graham and my thanks to him for sending in the pictures and all the great information on how he made this! I love the water and the great blue container that holds it. Great look!

Here is a little of what Graham has to say about this diorama:

This a 72 nd scale Seagull V or Walrus. I took quite some time to figure out the "water", but it seems to have worked.

As you can see it shows the plane sinking and the crew bailing out. The idea came from the RAAF 9 squadron history. I painted on the serial number of the plane that this happened to.


The seagull aircraft diorama

The base is a piece of timber ½ inch thick and 9 ½ inches in diameter.
The surround is a weather strip for the bottom of a door. It is 1 ½ high, wrapped right round and secured with screws at the back. This makes the “water” 1 inch deep.

I painted the base in an appropriate blue to match the Mediterranean water colour as the scene is set there.
Then I used Selley’s All Clear which is a Co-Polymer sealant. If using other brands check that it is a neutral cure as there is an acid cure which will damage the model.
There is a warning on the tube that it may affect some plastics but the model is not affected.

As it is quite deep I started to fill the base with the intention of “sinking” the plane into the sealant, however I found that it is so stiff that I could not.

So I completed the first layer, located the model, and applied the sealant around it.
I applied the sealant in a side to side pattern which gave the wave affect, seems the size of the hole in the spout and the speed and the way you push the sealant against the previous run, will give different wave sizes.

Placing the model in some sealant then applying it around also gave the slight bow wave affect as well as the wash/waves onto the wings.
I used 2 ½ tubes for this. It needs to be done in a well ventilated area and even now, 3 months later you can still smell the silicon.
There are some small white waves around the bow and where the rear gun is trailing in the water.
In addition there is some Watered down “smoke” and black paint leaving an oily trail from the rear of the wings, but very difficult to see in the pictures.

Another view of the diorama



Jeep Willys Diorama

The occupants of this Jeep stop at a German road sign that says "Danger Mines". So they "Best Go Around". Check it out and how it is made here: The Jeep Willys Diorama





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