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The Bocage diorama

Here is another great diorama made by Steve. This one consists of some outstanding angles and perspectives. looking at this one gives you the feeling a soldier gets when trying to navigate through forest, jungle or heavy brush.

Note: It is aptly named because the definition of "bocage" is (in France) pastureland divided into small hedged fields interspersed with groves of trees.

Steve has lots more dioramas on my website. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas


One of the terrific things about this diorama is the almost claustrophobic feel that you get by observing the soldiers from different perspectives through the trees and the brush as they slowly move forward. Further down are some great camera angles showing this.

This diorama is made to be looked at closely and from various interesting angles.


Front view of the diorama


Side view of the diorama


View of the diorama


Soldiers in the diorama


A soldier



Steve also has some great pictures of the process of making the trees for this diorama. Check it all out here