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The Crashed Hellcat Diorama

Here is another terrific diorama made by Alexander. He has previously sent us the "Feuer" diorama which features a German anti-tank gun. You can check that diorama out here.


Alexander tells us about this diorama:

I have just finished building a ruined 1/72 scale ACADEMY F 6 Hellcat diorama.

I used an old picture frame for the base along with a neat dirt, PVA glue, and water mix. I used woodland scenics' earth foliage for the grass and low shrubs. There is a marine standing several cm's from the plane surveying it.

The Hellcat was originally a good model but with one problem, the decals kept peeling off. My father suggested the idea of PVA wood glue in a very small dose under the peeling decal. This worked but the decals were becoming more and more dry. Luckily, the model came with two versions of the kit, which in turn, had their own painting schemes and decals. I decided to place the earlier version decals onto the plane but they started peeling again. I then spied a cigarette lighter, which we use to make aerials and telegraph wires, and began burning the model to create a wrecked look.


The Crashed Hellcat Diorama



The burned plane


Front view of the plane


Side view of the crashed plane


WWII U.S. Navy Fighter F6F-3/5 Model Kit


Academy WWII U.S. Navy Fighter F6F-3/5 Model Kit


  • 1/72nd scale
  • Highly detailed cockpit interior and landing gear
  • Authentic markings available for two versions
  • Optional part to build as -3 or -5 version included
  • Paint and glue not included


Of the 6,477 Japanese aircraft shot down by US Navy pilots in World War II, 5,156 were accounted for by the F6F Hellcat. Prior to its operational debut in 1943, the Navy Wildcats often were no match for the nimble Japanese Zero-Sen. The Hellcat, with its speed, armor and heavy armament changed all that, becoming the dominant fighter of the era.


Plastic Model PT Boat

Make a Plastic Model PT Boat (PT-109)

Fun little project and easy to build. I take you through the steps of making this military torpedo boat. And the commander of this boat was John F. Kennedy. I tell you about the amazing story of this boat during WWII. Make PT-109


Todd's UDT Boat and Frogman Diorama

Todd's UDT Boat and Frogman Diorama

This is a dramatic and powerful diorama with some amazing water effects. Learn how to make something like this and see more pics here: Check out more pics here.



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