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The Winter Wall Diorama

Snow is an amazing effect to have in a diorama. But it can be a bit tricky to achieve realistically. Glen has made a remarkable diorama with some spectacular snow effects. And he tells us about a company that manufactures some amazing snow products.

This snow is made by a company called

If you are serious about your snow effects you should check them out. They have lots of tutorials and videos about their snow and how to use it.

Glen has made a whole lot of dioramas for us. You can check them out here: Glen's Dioramas



The completed diorama

The Winter Wall Diorama


Back view of thediorama

Here is a closeup of the snow effects.

The snow covered wall


Snow effects


Okay! Let's learn about how this diorama was made and see some pictures of the process -


Using Volcanic Rock in a battlefield diorama I love using commonly found materials to make a diorama. Here is more of a look at the volcanic rock in the Iwo Jima diorama.




German BMW Motorcycle Diorama

This is a great little diorama made by a web visitor (Cristinel) It uses a couple of Tamiya models. And he shows us the steps in making a diorama like this. Make the German BMW Motorcycle Diorama

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