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"Changing of the Guard" - A trestle bridge diorama

Steve is making some amazing dioramas. This one is called "Changing of the Guard" and it depicts a scene of a trestle bridge.

He uses a lot of excellent techniques to make his dioramas and he explains to us some of these techniques.

He has also shared with us another diorama of a Machine Gun Emplacement called "Fields of Fire". You can check that out right here.

Steve has lots more dioramas on my website. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas

The Trestle Bridge Diorama


The Trestle Bridge Diorama


Soldiers on the Trestle Bridge




Steve tells us about this diorama:

Changing of the Guard

The name of this diorama is "Changing of the Guard".  The idea is a fresh unit replacing one that has been at the front for too long.  You may notice the one soldier sleeping under the trees, the wounded man beneath the bridge, that all the replacements are clean shaven and the others all have shadow.
This is part of the trestle bridge diorama.  

Soldiers under the bridge


Building the Trestle Bridge

Bridge is made from various sizes/shapes of balsa wood and decorative wood dowels.  Balsa wood from most hobby shops and the dowels from a craft shop. Design comes from various pictures found online.

The Trestle bridge

The base is lathed pine from a craft shop, Styrofoam blocks to get terrain height.


Celluclay was used for the ground cover and the other items are common items and some specialty items I collect through the year and keep handy.

Rocks � washed (primed if needed) and then painted and washed/weathered.

Twigs � common twigs from various types of foliage.

Grass � tall grass is common hemp separated and trimmed, then airbrushed for color. There are several gauges of hemp rope available depending on where you look.

Fine Grass near the water - Horse hair bow strings.

Flowers � kit from GreenLine products.
Reeds � mix of dried grass, paper cut and painted and another GreenLine product.
TreesWoodland Scenics.

Small water course � Clear silicone.

See more Pictures of this diorama here Including some really good pictures of the amazing terrain, trees and rock structures.


ACTIVA CelluClay Instant Papier Mache, 1 pound, White


Balsa Wood economy bag - 1/2 board foot, assorted sizes


Tamiya Models German Infantry on Maneuvers Model Kit

This isn't the same kit that Steve uses for this diorama but these are terrific. Will loves this kit. The figures are 1/48 scale.

  • Includes separately molded weapons and equipment such as machine gun tripod mount
  • Infantry figures feature realistic M43 field uniforms
  • 1/48 Scale Figures


Tamiya 1/35 Scale US Infantry Western Europe WWII

Tamiya America, Inc 1/35 US Infantry European Theater Kit, TAM35048