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How to Make Diorama bases with picture and photo frames

You can get picture frames and photo frames very cheap at charity shops, flea markets and yard sales. And they sometimes can be a wonderful base for a diorama. Here Glen shows us how to do it. These are in 1/35 scale. And the shape of the frame can very much accentuate the overall scene.

I very much like the wood of these frames it makes them very professional looking.

He also tells us about how he makes these.

Glen has lots more dioramas and tutorials here on my website check them out here



The set I used was Tamiya 1/35 US Gun & Mortar Team TAM35086 & Tamiya 1/35 Brick Wall Set Kit , I used the figures for both bases. I also use items from my spares box i.e. German helmets etc just to make it look like items have been left or lost whilst fleeing.  The pictures frames were being thrown away from my local charity shop, but make ideal bases and also helps to recycle items. The earth is dirt/soil from my garden which I baked and then sieved through a fine sieve, and then mixed with 70% PVA glue and 30% water and then spread onto the base. The walls were painted before hand, and inserted into the soil and the glue held them in place. I then sprinkled static grass over the soil, so it stuck when the earth dried out, along with fine stones and bricks.All this needs to be done whilst soil is still wet.

A good tip is when you are painting your wall paint or spray the whole wall the mortar colour of your choice first. Then using various shades of brick colour, dry brush over the wall mixing the colours together, as you go along. it is always a good idea to pick out individual bricks with a strong colour at random on your wall, but be careful not to over do it. Also do the same with the individual bricks that are lying around.

The bushes where made as I have previously described (tutorial here) . I painted up a length of fuse wire gold, and then snipped it up to look like spent cartridges. Fuse wire was also used to make the wire from the radio to the handset.

Machine Gun Diorama


Mortar team diorama

The rubble and terrain

Here is the Machine gun diorama on the Oval base. The terrain and brickwork is done. The figures come next!

Brick wall and machine gun

And here it is with the figures places. Make particular note of the wonderful brick work!


The bush and terrain

Here is a look at the Mortar diorama on a round base. The bushes and terrain are in place and we just need the figures.


The mortar team

The mortar team is in place.



Close up of mortar team

Here is a close up.

Overhead view of the diorama

This overhead shot really shows the beauty of this diorama.



Weekend Liberty! Jeep Diorama

Here is a terrific little diorama with a Willy's Jeep. This diorama was made by Rod and it was special because he actually owns a real Willy's Jeep. See pics of this and the real Jeep here: Weekend Liberty Diorama


" Hier Neu Formeren "

Here is another wonderful military diorama by Glen. It is a tribute to D Day, Normandy. This one has a lot of custom made details. Check out the Ruin Daylight Diorama here





Tamiya 1/35 US Gun & Mortar Team TAM35086

1/35 Scale. This figures set comes molded in dark green with Eight authentic and detailed figures in various positions, Box illustrations feature color schemes of the soldiers, Completed soldiers wear a green uniform, helmet, brown boots, accessories around the waist, and weaponry, Weaponry included, Radio, trench mortar, bazooka, and machine guns included. Skill level 2

Tamiya 1/35 Brick Wall Set Kit

1/35 Scale. Pieces include different shapes of grouped bricks that can be assembled to form a wall molded in brick red.


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