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Wyatt's Helmet Diorama

Wyatt has built a diorama of a tank scene inside a military helmet. And it came out great! My thanks go to him for sharing the pictures with us!



Helmet diorama


Helmet Diorama


Helmet diorama


Helmet diorama


Helmet diorama



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Prowling Diorama

"Prowling" A German Panther in tall grass

It is a straight-forward diorama in a simple grass scene. And the secret in this scene is the painting, detailing and aging of the tank. Steve shows us howe to achieve some great results: Prowling


Salting a military model

"Salting" a Model

It is a great technique for getting a weather-worn look on a plastic model. It is easy to do and Steve shows us how. The technique of salting a model