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Moon Landing Diorama

Here is another great diorama made by Luis.

This one is an award winner and Luis tells us about the various modifications he made to it. My favorite part is the shadow. That's a great touch!!

Luis has made a whole lot of dioramas covering a wide variety of subjects, themes, and time periods. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis


A Note from Will: When I was a kid I received the Revell First Lunar Landing Model Kit. I loved that model. It was one of the first ones I got. And that was the time period of the actual Apollo missions and the actual Lunar Module making its excursion. Good Time and fond memories about this kit.

I made one of my first dioramas with that kit. I remember I used paneling for the base and I applied glue to it then sprinkled on dirt to make the lunar surface. Lot of fun. That was a long time ago and those Revell kits are now pretty rare.


Luis Tells Us About the Making of this Diorama:

Well here I am again sending a new diorama that was complete about a week ago and won first place at mosquitocon 27 in NJ.

I had the 1/48 Apollo Moon Lander kit manufactured in 1970 by Monogram had been laying in a closet for about 20 years or so instead of it laying around for another 20 years, I decided to build it.

The model kit is very basic. So to make it show quality I had to make some modification and additions to it by looking up at exterior blue prints online of the lander.

These modification were pretty minor, but it bring out the craft to a more realistic look lander as to real thing that one can see at the NASA museum.

Here are a few modifications:

  • docking windows were cut into the craft;
  • handles to hatches were added;
  • engine compartments were enhanced;
  • the ship door was made more pronounced
  • and many other small bits were added to it.

    In addition -- gold tin wrapping was added and paper napkins soaked in Elmer's glue to make heat shields, then dried and painted black

    The base is made out of putty and air dry clay. The craters are air dry-clay. But the ground work is actual burnt charcoal sprinkled over a layer of glue.

    The paint job - Although the ground is charcoal some painting had to be done. To give it some highlight I dry brushed on light greys and white; for the darkness I used dark grey and black especially for the shadows it's all black as you can see on the pictures.

    That's it and I hope you enjoy this diorama. -Luis









More Dioramas by Luis:

"Dragoons of Angola " A Moment of Peace in a time of war

This is a large and very detailed diorama showing mounted Portuguese Troopers (Dragoons) during the war in Angola. It is another amazing diorama made by Luis. See lots of pics and get some good tips on how to make something like this. He also made significant modifications to the soldiers to make them more accurate. The scene depicts the troopers during a quite moment with Angolan wildlife including elephants and crocodiles. Check it out here:The Dragoons of Angola Diorama


UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Luis' UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Before they were Navy Seals they were called Frogmen. A web visitor (Luis) has created an amazing diorama with incredible detail. He tells us how he made it, how he achieved the water effects and more. (And we have lots of pics) Check it out here: The UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama