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Here is another great diorama made by Marshall.

He tells us a bit about this project:

I wanted to do a mountain range however needed something to make it "pop" so it has a functioning sun.

Marshall has made a whole lot of great dioramas. You can check them out here: Marshall's Dioramas


I Made three different ranges with Woodland Scenics molds and light weight hydrocal. These were mounted on wood bases to give depth perspective. The "sun" took me a while to figure out until I got an epiphany so to speak.. A little battery powered candle with the glass "flame" removed covered by a watch crystal that was painted with glass frosting paint did the trick.

The picture does not do justice to the sun effect as the light flickers and gives the sunlight an undulating effect. E6000 adhesive was used to mount the ranges to the sheet metal backing. Plaster paint was used for the mountains. The water falls were made with clear bathtub caulk, that worked really well.

The mount is a board with uprights at both ends with grooves routed into them, it was painted with stone textured paint. The piece slides into the grooves. It is 19" wide, 5" tall and 4" deep.











Lightweight Hydrocal -

Woodland Scenics Mold - Rocky Outcroppings


Woodland Scenics Mold - Random Rocks



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