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The Auburn Venus diorama by Marshall

Here is a diorama inspired by a famous painting! Yup, its a really great idea. And it came out really great. The painting is Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus". And the diorama is entitled: Auburn Venus.

Marshall has made some other very amazing dioramas for my website and you can check them out here: Marshall's Dioramas


Boticelli's The Birth of Venus

Boticelli's The Birth of Venus


And here is Marshall's Auburn Venus. (note the hand of Zeus with the Trident)

Auburn Venus


The complete diorama 


The scale


Auburn Venus

Poseidons Trident

Venus is actually Arethusa Nereid by Reaper, ( Arethusa Nereid ) and she is standing in an actual seashell. Her "wrap" is painted with FolkArt acrylic paint Iridescent Pearl Glitter to give her a shimmer as a goddess should have. Her base was done with crushed glass as was where Poseidon raises his trident.

The island is lightweight hydrocal made in one of my cliff molds, that has been smoothed out and covered with some Woodland Scenics sand, the far cliff  in the diorama is the same thing without being smoothed. The palm tree was created using an excellent tutorial found here: http://miniatures.about.com/od/miniatureprojects/ss/modelpalmtrees.htm
Except I did not use their technique for a trunk, I used natural materials.


Auburn Venus

By the lower left of the far cliff you will see Poseidon raising his trident out of the water and it's dripping water. This idea came from a scene in the excellent 1963 film Jason and The Argonauts (Jason and the Argonauts ) it lends some it some "action". The dripping water was done with Woodland Scenics water effects. The arm was one of my skeleton soldiers arms that I "fleshed" out with Testor's contour putty, the spear tip was cut off and I used part a tank grill to make the trident end.

The sea was created by first painting the base how I wanted it to create a realistic ocean/ beach scene. Then I applied clear DAP Kwik Seal caulk it goes on white but dries clear. For the waves I had to ponder that for a bit to create realistic waves. Then I came up with an idea to coat plastic straws with the caulk, then let these dry for a couple days. Then cut the straws to the length I wanted  for the wave, then cut out a third of the length to leave a "C" shape with the more pointed areas basically facing forward to simulate the cresting waves. At first I was going to leave the clear straw in place, but I discovered that removing the straws left a very nice wave, these were attached with the caulk. The rest was painting, shading and highlighting.


The wate







3 Succubi Diorama Thumb

3 Succubi Diorama I have This is a desktop sized diorama that you have just got to see. Definitely one of my favorites. If you are looking to do some kind of fantasy diorama you might want to take a look at this one. The 3 Succubi Diorama And Marshall has made some other terrific diorama projects that you also might want to take a look at including: Aerial Battlefield - Dragon on the Bridge - Roman Warship - Rocky Cliff Shadowbox - You can see them all here: Marshall's Dioramas




Dark Heaven Arethusa Nereid RPR 02892





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