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The Grand Canyon Diorama

I took a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. You can see pictures and learn more about my trip here. I also visited Lowell Observatory, Meteor Crater and three castles. It was a wonderful trip. And the Grand Canyon was of course spectacular.

But I was especially pleased to see that they had a very big landscape diorama of the canyon. Here are some pics of it.

It's a big, and beautiful, diorama. I think it measures around ten feet and size. And it is extremely accurate. One has to wonder how they got such accuracy. I would imagine it was all computer scanned, generated and built. Maybe they used some kind of 3d printing.



The diorama is at an observation point at the canyon. Here is a view through the windows. You can look at the diorama then find the matching terrain out the window.


And for fun here is one of the pictures I took of the actual canyon.

The Grand Canyon and Colorado River



Will Takes a trip to the Grand Canyon and Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders of the world. And it is something that many people want to see at least once in their life. Same goes for me. It is something on my bucket list and it was wonderful to see it/cross it off my bucket list. But something else happened on my trip to the Canyon. I came to the realization that Arizona is quite amazing, with a whole lot more to offer. Check out more here