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The Invitation

Luis build this diorama with a few basic materials and a single figure. It shows how an effective diorama design and layout can be made without using a lot of supplies.

Luis has contributed a whole series of wonderful dioramas to my website. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis


Luis tells us about this diorama:
Here is another diorama which I have had for several months. It has been
displayed in several modeling shows on the east coast and has one a few
prizes on 60mm or higher figure category, recently it won 2nd place in a
show in Maryland back in November.

The base is an old antique type picture frame I found in a thrift store. I left it a little dirty and gritty to give it an old-fashion look. The only thing I did was wipe it down. I
then built a floor made out of popsicle sticks and painted it with several
browns -started with a dark brown - to a light brown - to give it a wore
down very used floor like to ones you can see in some old pub or restaurant
from turn of the century.

The figure - she is a right out of the box 80mm figure made by Pegaso named
Gabrielle. (Available on amazon here)


As for the rest of the artwork, the table is a large spool of thread. On the
table there are a few items which I molded out of Milliputty - a purse, a
wine bottle and a wine goblet. On the wine bottle is an actual French wine
bottle decal from Archer decals for 1/35 scale models.











Finally, at the back corner of the diorama is a potted plant - a rose bush.
The easy part of this piece was the pot. At first I was going to make one, but I was facing a time crunch to get this diorama ready for a show so I cheated and found this one at Hobby Lobby in the doll house section.

As for the roses, that was a project. It took me a number of tries to perfect to rose flower itself.

I watched a few video on YouTube on making clay flowers.

Compared to the roses, the leaves were easy. I just rolled out some air-drying modeling clay and just started cutting away, which took me a hour for not all came out that well. Of those that did I used them for this piece. I then let the leaves dry a little before beginning to draw/cut-in the veins on the leaves. For the white tiny flowers, I found them online from a website that sell a lot of scenery material for train and dioramas.



Pegaso Models 80mm Gabrielle White Metal Figure Kit #80-035


The Sexy Grave Robber and the Mummy

This is a vignette style shadowbox with several rooms. It is hand made and built around a north star model of an Egyptian woman an a mummy. Some dramatic lighting has been added to give this diorama an amazing look. Check out this vignette diorama here