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The Montezuma Castle Shadowbox

I took a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. You can read more about that here. But on my trip I also saw a lot of other things. Arizona is a wonderful state rich with lots of amazing things to see....

Anyway, one of the things I saw was a historic landmark named Montezuma's Castle.

Here is a picture of Montezuma's Castle:

It is a pueblo style structure carved right into the side of a cliff. Those red rock cliffs in Arizona are quite amazing. It is also over 500 years old.

They have a wonderful park here that is all laid out very nice. You pay an entrance fee to get into the park and you walk the grounds to see the castle and a variety of other things including the local brook and plant life. Good stuff and an enjoyable few hours.

But, the thing I am writing here is about the shadowbox they have on the grounds. It is big! About six feet wide and it has lights and an audio recording. It describes how the people lived in Montezuma's castle. I enjoyed it. And I really love the shadowbox. It is well done. Here are some pictures.



The shadowbox is housed in this structure here. There is an audio recording that describes the various figures and how the people of the time lived.


Want to build a big shadowbox? I have a tutorial! It is very reminiscent of this one.

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