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A Single Figure Diorama

Heather's Diorama

These pictures are of a wonderful diorama created by Heather D. My thanks to her for sharing the pictures and her tips on how she made it. This kind of a diorama is a great first project if you are new to dioramas. You can learn a lot about the process of making dioramas and you can finish with something really attractive. Keeping it simple can also be very effective.

Here is what Heather has to say about how she made this diorama:

The rocks are Hydrocal poured into Woodland Scenics Rock Mold . The top 1/3 of the large rock was made this way; then I glued it to two layers of scenics foam; carved it match the top and used hydrocal and my fingers to blend the two. The water is acrylic glazing liquid made by Golden (ACRYLIC GLAZING LIQUID ). I love the way it looks but it takes FOREVER to dry. I had to do it in many thin layers. It's frustrating me this time around too. I dipped the miniature with Army Painter Quick Shade. I love the effect it gives but it's terribly expensive. I've read Minwax works just as well.


Female Miniature


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